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Become your own Pizza Chef at home using our authentically hand stretched pizza bases that are loved by professional Chefs.


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All Natural Ingredients

Delicately Hand Stretched

Premium 000 Italian Flour

Wood Fired Crispy Crust

Authentically Made In Italy

MiaDough Tribe Margherita Pizza Base

This frozen pizza is the best I've tried! Tastes so light with it's puffed crust and thin base. I can eat this every day! Such a fun hands-on activity for pizza nights.

Home Pizza Nights In

Elevate your next pizza night to a whole new level of quality and taste! Unleash your inner chef and create mouthwatering dishes with our high-quality pizza bases. All you need to do is add your favourite toppings.

Outdoor Dining & Entertaining

Entertain the night away with our hand stretched pizza bases. Paired with our Pizzeria Pro Stone Base Oven, they are the ultimate culinary companions for those craving a more versatile, alfredo dining option.

Portable Travel & Camping

Our long-life, space-saving pizza bases provide our tribe members all the comfort of a Pizzeria quality meal, without sacrificing outdoor adventure.

Hospitality & Catering

Impress your guests with our gourmet, hand stretched pizza bases - designed to bring Pizzeria quality creations to your kitchen. Plus, easily cook them to perfection in our Pizzeria Pro Stone Base Oven.