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Premiumise Your Venue

Drive profits by encouraging your shoppers to search for quality, gourmet products, like our Dough Tribe offerings!

Offer Nothing But The Best

With high-quality chef tools and premium food products, you can offer the best and most sought-after options for your customers.

The Perfect Basket Builder

Our easy-to-top gourmet frozen pizza bases encourage customers to cross-shop with other categories and premiumise their basket.

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With more inflation-proof products and recent growth in the premium-quality food sector, you can guarantee higher sales for your venue.

Revolutionise The Frozen Category with Gourmet Frozen Pizzas

Dough Tribe offers your customers gourmet, premium restaurant-quality pizzas without the usual time, effort and high price point. With Dough Tribe, your customers can become their own chefs in the comfort of their homes - without any of the fuss!

Optimum Freshness

Snap freezing locks in all the nutrients and flavours of food at its peak. This ensures food retains its optimum nutritional value until being defrosted as opposed to fresh foods.

Offer Nothing But The Best

Snap freezing is essentially the "all-natural" way to preserve food life, without needing to use chemical additives, preservatives or other ingredients that prolong shelf-life.

Reduced Food Wastage

By driving traffic to the Frozen aisle with gourmet offerings, retailers can expect large net benefits such as reducing food wastage coming from the Fresh food aisle.

Home Entertainment

With the rising cost of living, young families are planning to eat out less often. Categories like "Restaurant Quality At Home" are perfect to capture these consumers.

Increased Average Sale

The sector of restaurant-quality food is experiencing explosive growth, with 50% of Australians willing to pay more for premium, high-quality food experiences.