Pizzeria Pro Stone Base Oven

The Pizzeria Pro allows you to transform your kitchen into a world-class Pizzeria and enjoy restaurant quality anytime, anywhere! 

Create Pizzeria Quality At Home


We stand behind providing our customers with only the best artisan pizza bases and chef-quality Pizzeria tools so you can satisfy your culinary cravings in the comfort of your own home.

400°C Heating Power

Dual Heating Elements

Premium Ceramic Stone

Heat Resistant Touch Points

Adjustable Temperature

Pizza Tools Included

Pizzeria Pro Stone Base Pizza Oven


Our Stone Base Pizza Oven allows you to transform your kitchen into a world-class pizzeria and enjoy pizzeria quality anytime, anywhere! 

Portable, electric plug-in and expertly designed to bring crispy stone-baked pizza to the everyday pizza lover. 

With top and bottom heating elements, you can enjoy pizzas cooked to perfection within a few minutes! 


Stone Baked Pizzeria Quality At Home

Enjoy the rare and authentic Italian stone-baked taste in the comfort of your own home, and wherever your oven goes.

Perfect for All Culinary Creations

Designed to accommodate a wide variety of culinary creations, you can cook anything from pizzas to wraps in our oven.

Designed For Your Home & Lifestyle

The stylish and compact design of our Pizzeria Pro makes it the perfect addition to your home kitchen, and is perfectly portable for the outdoors and camping.


Treated myself to a pizza oven for my birthday! The Jade colour is just gorgeous and fits right into my kitchen space. Cooks any pizza to perfection and my whole family loves it!

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