INTRODUCING: Our Dough Tribe Collection

Jul 19, 2023Millie Ward

If you’re on the lookout for delicious, artisan eats, you’ve come to the right place! 

Our Dough Tribe Collection is crafted with the highest-quality, most gourmet products, including authentic Italian pizza bases and premium stone ovens. Designed to provide you with everything you need to be your own chef at home, our pizzeria-quality products and hand-made tasty treats can’t be missed!



Our Dough Tribe Pizzas


Crafted with only the freshest, most premium Italian ingredients, our Plain Pizza Bases and Margherita Pizza Bases are perfect for any and every pizza-lover out there!

Options are absolutely endless with our plain and topped pizza bases, from your favourite meatlovers recipe to sweet dessert pizzas. 


Dough-licious features: 

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Delicately hand-stretched dough
  • Wood-fired crispy crust
  • Premium Italian flours 
  • Made authentically in Italy 
  • 24-hour leavened dough
  • Multiple sizes available 


From our thicker, more bubbly, softer Neapolitan bases, to our thinner, more crispy Roma bases, you can’t go wrong with our artisan Dough Tribe pizza bases. 

PLUS they cook in only 4 minutes or less in our Pizzeria Pro Stone Base Oven!



Top Tips for Using Our Gourmet Pizza Bases

  • Defrost bases for 30 minutes at room temperature before cooking. 
  • When topping your pizzas with sauces or oils, like BBQ sauce or truffle oil, add these kinds of toppings after cooking. 
  • When cooking dessert pizzas, cook your plain base first for 3-4 minutes, then let it cool before adding your spreads and toppings.  
  • Once pizzas are thawed, consume within 72 hours. 
  • Do not store our pizzas in an unrefrigerated area.  
  • For best experience, do not re-freeze bases once thawed. 
  • If cooking your pizzas in our Pizzeria Pro Oven, rotate your pizza base halfway through to ensure even cooking. 



Shop our range of pizza bases here.



Our Pizzeria Pro Stone-Based Oven 


Portable, electric plug-in and expertly designed to bring crispy stone-baked pizza to your kitchen, our stone-based oven allow you to enjoy pizzeria-quality food anytime, anywhere! 


Dough-licious features: 

  • 400°C cooking power
  • Dual heating system
  • Premium ceramic stone base
  • Easily adjustable temperature dial
  • Space-saving and travel-friendly design 
  • Energy-efficient with low power usage
  • FREE chef tools included - pizza cutter, pizza flipper and timer


Elevate your home dining to a whole new level of quality, taste and experience with our authentic stone-based oven! Perfect for your next dinner party or next cosy night in – you can now enjoy restaurant-quality meals wherever and whenever you desire with our Pizzeria Pro Oven.



Top Tips for Using Our Stone Based Pizza Oven

  • Place a non-flammable protectant mat under your oven, such as a heat-resistant mat, to protect your bench or counter.
  • Preheat your oven on dial 3 for 5-7 minutes before cooking your pizza.
  • Once preheated, adjust dial to 2.5 for cooking.
  • Once finished with cooking, turn your oven off, leave your oven lid open and let your oven fully cool down before returning it to its storage place. 
  • Use the safe heat-resistant handles included on the oven when opening and closing the lid, to avoid burning yourself. 
  • Pair with our artisan pizza bases for perfectly cooked, crispy pizza. 
  • Rotate your pizza base halfway through to ensure even cooking. 



Shop our oven range here.

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